Colored Solar Panels

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Soluxa develops colored solar panels based on our Vibrant color technology

Colored Solar Panels

Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

From January 1st 2021, the BENG3 (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) legislation requires that at least 40% of the total energy consumption must be self-generated


To comply with the new legislation, the government recommended to install solar panels on the façade

Small roof area

Many buildings do not have sufficient roof space for solar panel placement to meet this requirement


If you are planning an exterior building makeover or your organization needs a new building, now is the time to consider a solar façade. Solar façades are an efficient solution to comply to the Dutch BENG regulation, a solution which is even recommended by RVO.

Other applications: dikes, noise barriers and solar power plants
Colored Vibrant solar panels improve the esthetics of your project. The visual impact of solar panels on our landscape needs to be minimized, for example, by using green solar panels on dikes. Besides, we develop pleasant colored panels for noise barriers along highways and along railroads.


Ten advantages of Soluxa panels

  1. Your building becomes renewable in an aesthetically responsible manner.
  2. Cost-effective measure to comply to BENG3 legislation.
  3. Premium solar panels in the desired color for your application.
  4. High efficiency through innovative Vibrant technology.
  5. Soluxa solar façade panels replace traditional façade cladding.
  6. Your eye pleasing solar façade repays itself within a few years and provides income after that.
  7. Suited for both renovation and new construction projects.
  8. Show that your company is at the forefront of sustainability.
  9. Your east and west façade provide energy in the morning and evening. Your south façade delivers electricity in winter when the sun is low. This broader supply means that there is a better match between supply and demand, so you benefit from a low energy bill.
  10. Your real estate will become more valuable and retains this value in the long term.



Soluxa colored solar panels are based on the Vibrant color modification technology. Based on nanotechnology the color is tuned to your wishes. By optimizing the technology to our visual perception, we are capable of losing only a fraction of the incoming sunlight, ensuring high performance of the solar panel.

The Vibrant technology of Soluxa provides multiple advantages:

  • Virtually all colors can be realized, even highly saturated colors.
  • High power conversion efficiency up to 187 W/m2.
  • Odd sized filler panels can be provided in matching colors.
  • The technology is price competitive and scalable.


Soluxa develops colored solar panels based on the Vibrant color technology. Colored solar panels are interesting for applications in which esthetics is important, such as façades. Tall buildings consume a lot of energy, while they only have little roof area available for solar panels. For the Netherlands, a solar façade facing south harvests about 85% of the solar energy compared to a flat roof setup. Most buildings have a relatively large façade area that is suited for solar panels, so the potential for solar energy is enormous. However, as the façade is the face of your building you need visual attractive façade panels. Black solar panels generally don’t provide architects with the freedom they need for designing state-of-the art buildings. 

Soluxa offers attractive colored solar panels to harvest solar energy from your façade. Instead of consuming energy from the grid, your building will become net energy positive with a solar façade. Vibrant solar panels replace conventional (inactive) cladding materials. Although solar panels are initially slightly more expensive, they have a payback time of about four years due to their energy production. Thereby, your solar façade will be a durable investment that will pay for itself within just a few years. It is our mission to realize 500.000 m2 of solar façades by 2025 together with clients like you.

The future is solar, the future is Vibrant!

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