How does a solar façade differ from solar panels?

Solar panels on a facade are vertically oriented. This means that the sun reaches the panels directly at sunrise and sunset. At these times of the day, your facade will generate more energy than solar panels on the roof. The sun reaches the south side at a steeper angle. These south-facing panels are most effective at around noon, when the sun is at its highest. In winter, when the sun is low, south-facing panels generate even more energy compared to the summer.

Solar façade, solar cladding, energy generating building
Solar façade, solar cladding, energy generating building

Energy peaks from solar façades

All in all a colored solar façade has two energy generating peaks. In the morning and afternoon the energy gains is the most efficient, whereas solar panels only have one peak when the sun is at its highest. At the end of the day a solar façade will have generated energy more efficiently during the day.

Why do I need a colored solar façade?

Every building needs a façade. There are multiple modern and stylish options. Some are more expensive than others. Some materials are more sustainable than other materials. Only a solar façade generates energy. Standard solar panels are not pleasing to the eye, therefor a colored solar façade is a sustainable and visually pleasing possibility. This material might be slightly more expensive, but contrary to the other materials, this façade will generate energy. More self-generated energy results in a lower electricity bill and therefor will return your investment in just a few years.


Premium solar panels in the desired color for your application

Your building becomes renewable in an aesthetically responsible manner

High efficiency through innovative Vibrant technology

Cost-effective measure to comply to BENG3 legislation