Are you an architect or building owner and curious about how much energy your facades generate? Below, you’ll find an overview of the facade orientation and an indication of the yield when using colored solar panels on the facade, applied in the Netherlands.


Yield per year of colored panel in kWh/m2*









* The numbers are an estimate/indication based on JRC and depend on the colour. Due to annual influences and other effects such as shade, the actual yield can be different.

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Frequently asked questions

As an architect you might be challenged by the feedback of a visual quality protection committees or there might be local restrictive covenants. These services determine whether or not your plans can follow through. When designing a building with colored panels, the chosen color might be a factor in their decision making. However, as a society we signed the Paris agreement, which is a promise to realize a electricity generation consisting of 100% renewable energy resources. Solar facades can make a substantial contribution to this target. With the possibilities for affordable colored solar panels it is possible to make attractive solar façades. The available options for colored and integrated solar panels that blend into the building envelope will certainly help to obtain a consent from the visual quality protection committee.

The BNA, branchevereniging nederlandse architectenbureau’s, want a sustainable development in Dutch construction. To achieve this, the use of raw materials needs to diminish drastically. The BNA believes architects play an important role in creating a circular and climate adaptive built environmental. That is where Soluxa can help. Solar panels do not use much more materials when installed to a façade compared to standard cladding materials. It does however create an energy positive building which generates energy through its walls.

When designing a building architects need to consider the sustainability. Solar panels function as façade cladding. This means our colorful panels can be used as the outer part of a building. As it is a replacement, we do not need bricks or other materials for this layer. This results in the use of less materials compared to adding it to an existing façade.

“Generate much more energy, precisely at the moments you use it the most.”

“Generate much more energy, precisely at the moments you use it the most.”


“We are convinced colored solar façades are the future! Soluxa panels gives you color freedom with a high energy yield.”

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