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Our mission

At Soluxa, we believe in a bright and colorful future. Literally. With our colored solar panels we make new and existing façades visually attractive and sustainable at the same time.

Solar panels, Colored solar façade

Who are we?

Soluxa works passionately towards a renewable and colorful future. Over the past years we developed our Vibrant patented technology. This enables us to produce solar panels in every conceivable color while maintaining a vergy high energy yield. Want to know more about our story?


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Would you like to get in contact with us? That is possible!

If you are an architect or façade builder, we have a page dedicated to you. If your business premises needs renovation and you want it to be more sustainable, visit our contact page.


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Soluxa @ GEVEL 2022

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GEVEL 2022 is de vakbeurs voor ontwerp en engineering van de gebouwschil. Zoals de naam al zegt, is deze beurs alles omtrent gevels. Drie dagen lang praten over en kijken…