Colored solar panels for solar facades

The future is in colour

We are proud to have won the Jan Terlouw innovation prize. This prize shows trust in our concept and our company. It shows us that our ambition to complete our mission will be possible. Watch the video to hear more about Soluxa and the prize we have won.




We develop colored solar panels that can be used as building element on façades. Soluxa solar panels can thus be used instead of conventional façade cladding, such as panels made of aluminum or composites. Together with our partners, Soluxa develops solutions for solar façades in which colored solar panels are combined with insulation. For renovation projects we work on solutions where custom size fitting panels are applied in the same color and plane as the solar panels.


What makes our product superior to standard building cladding? To answer this we have formulated 10 advantages.


Soluxa colored solar panels are based on the Vibrant color modification technology. Based on nanotechnology the color is tuned to your wishes. By optimizing the technology to our visual perception, we are capable of maintaining almost all sunlight, ensuring high performance of the solar panel.

The Vibrant technology of Soluxa provides multiple advantages:

  • Virtually all colors can be realized, even highly saturated colors.
  • High power conversion efficiency up to 190 wattpeak/m2
  • Odd sized filler panels can be provided in matching colors.
  • The technology is price competitive and scalable.

About us

Soluxa develops colored solar panels based on the patented Vibrant technology. In collaboration with you, our team can create and design state of the art buildings. Those buildings are not only visually pleasing, they are energy positive as well.

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